Play Responsibly

Take Charge to Play Responsibly
The decision to gamble is a personal choice. If you gamble, playing responsibly should be important to you and the people you care about. Responsible gambling means keeping the game in perspective, limiting your involvement so that it doesn't negatively affect your job, mood, finances, relationships or self-esteem.

Reminders to Play Responsibly
Here are some tips on playing responsibly:

  • Set yourself a limit and stick to it. Stop playing if you exceed that limit.
  • Do not borrow money to bet.
  • Never spend more to win back losses.
  • Treat any loss as part of your entertainment/leisure cost.
  • Do not be pressurized or influenced by others to bet. Betting should be your own choice.
  • Understand that winning and losing are both a part of gambling. If you expect to win, you should also be prepared to lose.
  • Gambling is a recreational activity. It should not be used as an alternative to work or other activities.
  • Money needed for daily living expenses is just that. It should not be used for gambling.

Lottery is Not Child's Play.
Don't involve your underage children in your Lottery and other gaming activities. Game rules state that no person under the age of 18 years shall be allowed to purchase a ticket or to claim any prize. If you are under 18 years of age, please do not play the games.

Be A Winner ! Play Responsibly !


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